Breaking: Pentagon Exposed Funneling Weapons With False Paperwork

As reported by Zerohedge, a fresh bombshell collaborative report published by two international weapons monitoring groups on Tuesday affirms that the Pentagon carries on shipping record smashing number of weapons into Syria and that the Department of Defense is concealing everything. Back on Tuesday the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) and the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN) handed out decisive proof that not merely is the Pentagon at the moment incorporated in shipping up to $2.2 billion worth of weaponry from an illegal network of private dealers to allies in Syria – the bulk of which outdated Soviet weaponry – however is in fact manipulating paperwork in which end-user certificates, probably to conceal US incorporation.

The OCCRP and BIRN published an internal US defense procurement documents following a lengthy probe which revealed that the Pentagon is running a major weapons trafficking pipeline which bagan in the Balkans and Caucuses, and finishes in Syria and Iraq. The program is a segment of the US train, equip, and additional campaign for the Syrian Democratic Forces. The weaponry transfers are huge and the program appears to have been active for quite some time.

As seen on Foreign Policy’s (FP) take on this report, the Department of Defense has cashed out $584 million particularly for this Syrian operation for the fiscal years 2017 and 2018, and has set its eyes on additional $900 million of spending on Soviet-produced munitions in the time frame from now and 2022. The sum, $2.2 billion, probably is enough for weapons to reach Syrian rebels in the upcoming years.

As seen in the report, the bulk of the weapons suppliers — predominantly in Eastern Europe however additionally in the ex Soviet republics, incorporating Kazakhstan, Georgia, and Ukraine — have both ties to organized crime around Eastern Europe and shady business backgrounds.

The exact amount of material obligatory for the Pentagon program — an ammunition factory disclosed it intended to give jobs to 1,000 fresh employees in 2016 in order to manage the demand — has allegedly made suppliers reach the limit, obligating the Defense Department to accept looser standards on the materials.

Among those who penned the OCCRP/BIRN report, Ivan Angelovski, stated Foreign Policy that, “The Pentagon is removing any evidence in their procurement records that weapons are actually going to the Syrian opposition.” The report follows internal US government files which disclose that weapons shipment end goal spots have been taken out from original files.

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