Breaking: Trump Is Going To Break Obama Tomorrow

President Trump is about to put his signature on an executive order that will make Obamacare the least strong thus far, tomorrow morning.

As disclosed by Zerohedgem as initially previewed this past weekend, precisely tomorrow at 11:15am, President Trump will  put his signature on an executive order dedicated to a move in regards to health care, or as the White House elaborated it, “to promote health care choice and competition”, following Congress’s unsuccessfulness to repeal ObamaCare.

This particular order – which is set to weaken Obamacare even more- should, de facto, lessen rules on small businesses collaborating together to purchase health insurance, even through what are famous as association health plans, and lift Obama administration limits on short-term health insurance policies, as disclosed by a plan on a call with administration officials on Wednesday night.

As disclosed by The Hill’s sources, the order will obligate the Department of Labor to “modernize” rules to permit small employers to construct association health packages. Small businesses will be capable to collaborate if they are located within the same state, in the exact “line of business,” or do their work in the exact trade association.

It goes without saying that this freshest try to dismantle Obamacare was not a likable thing to Andy Slavitt, who ran Medicare, Madicaid and Obamacare under Obama, happy, and he went to Twitter to make it evident: “BREAKING: Tomorrow 11:15 Eastern, Trump will sign his Executive Order on ACA. 1/“, after what he wrote: “It isn’t clear what made it into the final version of the EO: a rhetorical step or a severe dismantling of the ACA. 2/”

The source stated administration officials did not reveal the health plans of people entering the association, only speaking of small businesses having the opportunity to do so.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think this is a good move by the Trump administration?


(Source: Zerohedge)