Breaking: Trump Fires Koskinen, Huge Replacement Is On The Table

Оn Thursday, President Donald Trump made it official that beleaguered IRS Commissioner John Koskinen will be out of a job in November.

Trump appointed David Kautter, the Treasury Department’s assistant secretary for tax policy, to work as interim IRS commissioner, starting from Nov. 13.

Koskinen’s mandate ends on Nov. 12. He was suitable for reelection, but Koskinen is violently opposed by congressional Republicans. House Freedom Caucus members tried, but failed to impeach Koskinen in 2016, widely over his handling of the scandal involving former IRS official Lois Lerner.

Before Koskinen’s mandate, Lerner was blamed targeting conservative groups who requested for non-profit status. Koskinen was blamed of obstructing congressional investigators looking into Lerner’s activities as well as of covering up for the former administration.

The president had faced force from many Republicans to dismiss Koskinen, who was selected to head the IRS by President Obama in 2013.

Kautter, Koskinen’s planned replacement, was selected to his role at Treasury a couple of months ago. He worked as a tax lawyer at the firm Ernst & Young for more than thirty years.

Kautter will still do his Treasury Department duties as he is supervising the IRS, according to Treasury Sec. Steven Mnuchin.

“David will provide important leadership while we wait to confirm a permanent commissioner,” Mnuchin said in a statement, according to Bloomberg.

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(h/t The Daily Caller)