Man Who Stopped Texas Shooting Is Hillary Clinton’s Biggest Nightmare

The “good guy with a gun” who as disclosed shot and injured the alleged gunman at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, on Sunday has been revealed in press reports as Stephen Willeford, 55, a local plumber.

The Daily Mail disclosed that a local resident alleges Willeford succeeded in shooting the presumed gunman, Devin Patrick Kelley, 26, somewhere between the plates of the body armor that he was dressed in. Willeford is said to be a plumber and motorcycle enthusiast with no military background but with perfect and steady aim.

As disclosed by an eyewitness interviewed by KENS 5, Willeford stopped the gunman by shooting at him with his personal rifle from in front of the church, after what pursuing him conveniently:

“Our neighbor, he’s a very good guy, a very big Christian, he’s the nicest man on the planet, he’ll do anything for anyone around here. We’ve known him for years. He’s childhood friends with my dad. He … came with his [gun], and he took cover behind a car, and he shot the guy, I’m not sure if it was inside the church or the guy was coming out, but if it wasn’t for him, the guy wouldn’t have stopped. And then that’s when the guy got in his vehicle and drove off. And our friend shot through the window at him, trying to get him again, and then he apparently crashed down the road.”

He continued: “If it wasn’t for our friend … there might have been more lives lost.”

Regional law enforcement officials disclosed that the gunman dropped his weapon following being hit at by the “local citizen,” i.e. Willeford, whose name has not been disclosed yet. As disclosed by several media reports, Willeford was accompanied by local Johnnie Langendorff, and the both of them followed Kelley in Langendorff’s truck until Kelley was on the road. His lifeless body was found in his truck, even though it is not still certain whether he committed a suicide or had been injured previously by Willeford.

Willeford and Langendorff as well are being labeled heroes for going against the gunman.

Look at all the labels the social media has given them:

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