Robert Mueller Drops Hammer On John McCain, More Links To Russian Oligarch Are Public

Arizona Senator John McCain received some unfortunate news this week when he was connected to scandalous Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska, a billionaire aluminum magnet.

As reported by Infowars, Deripaska is a firm support of Russian President Vladimir Putin who grounded his political capacity by tying the knot with the granddaughter of Russia’s late President Boris Yeltsin back in 2001, around a year following Russian President Putin put his signature on a decree giving legal immunity to Yeltsin’s family.

McCain had a meeting with Deripaska back in August of 2006, when he was getting ready to commence his campaign for president. Back than, McCain was all for Montenegro independence, supporting what the Nation labeled as a “simplistic notion of ‘independence’ from a country America had been at war with, in the late 1990s was all that mattered.”

Investigative reporter Sara Carter disclosed that the McCain storyline is “a poignant reminder the Putin’s allies have long sought U.S. political influence, and that U.S. counterintelligence often focuses on keeping Americans from being compromised by foreigners.”

She continued to say that back in 2006, U.S. intelligence officials were worried about McCain’s ties with the meetings Rick Davis orchestrated with Deripaska, mentioning that back in 2006 the administration of President George W. Bush was against Yanukovych, “fearing he was anti-democratic and aligned with Putin after Yanukovych’s party ousted the pro-democratic and Western-friendly prime minister Yuschenko.” She additionally noted that McCain backed Yuschenko, no matter the fact his campaign manager’s corporation, Davis Manafort, was alined with the pro-Russian opposition leader Yanukovych.

“(W)e are asleep to the necessity of our leadership, and to the opportunities and real dangers of this world,” he stated. “We are asleep in our echo chambers, where our views are always affirmed and information that contradicts them is always fake. We are asleep in our polarized politics, which exaggerates our differences, looks for scapegoats instead of answers.”

He continued to say that World War II-era American statesmen was aware “that tyranny is always a threat to peace” and that “there could be no more isolationism, no more tired resignation — no more ‘America First,’” which is evidently a phrase constantly said by Trump.

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